cover letter

Classically trained in 2D animation at Capilano University, I have extensive experience with the fundamentals of animation. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with many talented colleagues in different phases of the animation process.  From design and design supervision to storyboard, layout/posing and layout/posing supervision, art direction and finally lead production designer, I understand the needs of each department and how they depend upon each other. In recent years, learning the 3D pipeline, I push even harder for open communication between departments, stressing it's importance.


As a designer, I strive to be fun and bring new ideas to the table. As a storyboard artist, I focus on the importance of story telling and humor, pushing acting and dynamics as far as possible within the style and budget of the particular project.  As an artistic director and production designer, I enjoy overseeing all aspects of the project, developing style guides and look of picture. Having worked on various projects over the years, I am able to adapt quickly to different styles. With an eye for detail I push hard for quality, having a lot of integrity in my work. Always up for a challenge, I enjoy leading and being part of a team of artists, helping everyone, including myself, reach our fullest potential and have fun along the way.