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Patricia Atchison is a Canadian artist with 25 years of experience in the animation industry. As a Story Artist and Production Designer with traditional and CG experience, Patricia has developed a versatile skill set, guiding multiple projects from initial concept design to final picture. With strong, collaborative leadership experience, she oversees large teams of artists across multiple departments to execute a shared vision.


Since 2019, Patricia has been a mentor to aspiring female artists for Vancouver’s Women in Animation - a non-profit organization committed to increasing the percentage of women holding top creative jobs in the industry.


Following an Annie Award nomination for Best Production Design in an Animated Feature for her work on MGM’s animated feature film, The Addams Family, Patricia is currently an Art Director at Cinesite, helping develop the new Smurfs feature film for Paramount Animation.


Animation Magazine 2021/01/27

Women In Animation - Art Director Master Class

Animation Magazine 2019/10/06

The Addams Family

The Vancouver Sun 2019/10/11

The Addams Family

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